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Pediatric Analgesia and Sedation Specialists, PLLC

Welcome to our website on pediatric sedation at East Tennessee Children's Hospital (ETCH).   This website was created to help you find answers to any and all questions you have about pediatric sedation, our practice and our philosophy about caring for patients.

PASS on Pain, as you will see in the next page, is a play on words to help you and others understand what we do. Pass on Pain is really all about the sedation service at ETCH which was created in 2004.  This service is a medical practice, run by Pediatric Analgesia & Sedation Specialists, PLLC, that is dedicated to improving access to safe sedation for the children of East Tennessee.  

The reasons that we founded this practice are many and include:

1. The patients needed it - too many children were having tests done without sedation and/or adequate 

pain control.  

2.  Physicians wanted it - to help kids stay still and better tolerate all types of procedures.

3.  The hospital saw the need - and wanted to become more efficient and shorten wait times for the many tests that needed sedation.  The hospital also saw the benefit of a small group of physicians and nurses becoming experts in providing this care and improving safety.

4.  We wanted to help - This concept seemed to be a great way to help alleviate children's fears, anxieties and pain associated with procedures.  Also, we could utilize our specialized training in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine that included pediatric sedation.    

Since 2004, a group of dedicated nurses and physicians have been working to meet all these goals.  We have sedated thousands children and continue to expand the numbers of sedation cases and the variety of tests and procedures for which we provide sedation.  As of July 1, 2012 the sedation service became independently managed by the very physicians you have come to trust your child's health care to over the years. We have the latest in monitoring equipment, continue to explore new sedation methods and medications, and consult with sedation providers around the country and world. The patients and families that we care for continue to be our inspiration.    

I hope you find the website helpful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us before your child's procedure at 865-541-8398.  





Christopher Siano, DO, MPH


Pediatric Analgesia and Sedation Specialists, PLLC


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